Anger, Part 2

Little did I suspect the tiniest post would generate a follow-up

I should clarify about a 'fresh kill' regarding the post on Tuesday. I was trying to analogize the endorphin rush and immediate calming following the verbal or physical unleashing of emotional buildup. Although this typically takes the case of a physical unleashing for me (I hit the gym daily at lunch, often to release tension from buildup of nincompoopery), I hadn't yelled (yelling being a stern and heated talking to type -- not the head-spinning maniacal fuming type, although that, too, has its perks but generally poo-pooed in the work environment) at anyone in a long time.

I found the reward to be different than that of the physical, because while you can work out and release tension and get the endorphins, you won't get the satisfaction of (finally) unloading your frustrations that you have kept bottled up time and again. I often say about myself, that once I've vented, I'm 'over it', and generally that's true about anything. As such, I also issue a disclaimer to not take it personally if you happen to be vented at, because it's just a process to get past the problems that can eat at you if unchecked.

The downside is, I got a taste of the pleasure of mental venting and went looking for more yesterday. When my foolish co-hort made a suggestion to me that sounded like a retreading of his original mistake that caused the verbal take-down, I jumped the gun:
    HIM: So, instead of taking the data from Friday, can I just take it from Monday?
    ME: (heatedly) Does this mean we are YET AGAIN changing the specs???
    HIM: (quickly) No, no. Just should I copy in the data for this one run?
    ME: (dejected) Sure.
I moped away like a child who was told there was no recess. Or, a soldier who was unable to get to bayonet someone that day.

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