The rumor that X4 will happen continues to propogate, despite the limp claims by the studio that it was the 'last one'. Heh.
    This whole "will there be a fourth X-Men movie" is turning into a game. Someone really should collect all the quotes coming from everyone involved and stack them up against each other just to see who contradicts who. It can be like Civil War ... "whose side are you on?" A handful of prominent X-actors, including Patrick Stewart, are fully convinced another sequel will happen. Recent talk by Marvel bigwigs would seem to give weight to their argument, although nothing resembling a real plan has been discussed. A larger handful of prominent X-actors are fully convinced the series is finished, and talk from director Brett Ratner seems to give weight to the argument.
I'm all about another movie, but if fucking Ratner directs it I will see it with a scowl on my face, much like the frowning-of-a-lifetime. Ratner!!!! Ratner!!!!

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