Spider-Man 3 Trailer

Set your VCR's tonight. Or just wait an extra couple minutes. Via Mania:
    According to the Hollywood Reporter, Spider-Man 3 will receive a TV and online blitz Thursday night when Columbia Pictures unveils a new, full-length, 2 1/2-minute trailer at 10 p.m. in a "road block" across Viacom's online brands and CBS' TV network -- six months before the film's May 4 premiere.

    On CBS, the spot will air after "CSI" and before the James Woods starrer "Shark." On Comedy Central, the trailer will run before a new "South Park" episode, while MTV will show the spot before a new "Real World/Road Rules Challenge." Other TV networks airing the trailer include BET, Logo, MTV2, Spike TV and VH1, with each supporting the event with custom promotions.

    In addition, 14 online destinations from Viacom's networks are supporting the airing, including AddictingGames.com, AddictingClips.com, BET.com, MTV.com, IFilm.com, Nick.com, ComedyCentral.com, GameTrailers.com, LogoOnline.com, Neopets.com, SpikeTV.com, The-N.com, VH1.com, and Xfire.com.

    Immediately after the television premiere, a high-definition version of the trailer will be available exclusively on MTV Networks' IFilm.com.
On the other hand, it may be tough to actually avoid seeing the trailer.


linguo said...

Looks great. They still haven't gotten that swingin'-spidey CGI down, though.

linguo said...

Apparently, a trailer just got out that shows Venom at the end. It has been removed from youtube, so i can't find it.

linguo said...

Here we go: