Battlestar Galactica Mid-Season Finale

It took me a while to catch up on my spring viewing, but I saved the best for last. It has been no secret that I hold Battlestar Galactica as one of the best shows ever, and this final season has been absolutely riveting.The mid-season finale delivered not only a completion of long-sought climax, but opened the door, as the series as done time and again, to all new questions and possibilities previously unfathomed. Now you will indulge me just two(non-spoiler) of my favorite quotes of the season:
  • Laura Roslin to Tory, after it is revealed she's been 'sleeping with the enemy': "I don't care whether you are on your knees in prayer or just on your knees, you will get the information." Bam!
  • Lee Adama to Colonel Tigh, after a late hour revealation: "You motherfrakker." Bam!

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linguo said...

Still not used to the MID-season finale, i nearly lost my mind after watching the last show, because i thought it was the SERIES finale.