Megan Fox

Always reliable for a good laugh, What Would Tyler Durden Do? posts a non-story about Megan Fox, but only because of an insight he had over the weekend:
    This is boring but I was thinking over the weekend that a good way to gauge how hot a chick is would be to figure how long she would have to be dead before you would not have sex with her. So I ran the numbers through the computer and it turns out Megan Fox is the big winner. She could be dead for almost three days and I'd still fuck her. So congratulations Megan Fox. You must be honored. It must be exciting to know that even after you die, you and I can still get it on.
In a completely related story, I don't really find Megan Fox "all that". Sure, she's cute, and not like a puppy dog but more like a whore, but just not my cup of tea. I mean, look, here's a picture of her blowing someone:But hey, I've been wrong before.

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