I hated 'The Dark Knight'!

I speculated with MaggieMay a few weeks back that The Dark Knight might get a 100% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. It didn't take long for a dissenting opinion of the suspicious or socially questionable variety to appear, and of course it is from a small publication.We all knew SOMEONE was going to not like it... and his reasons are as follows (review in entirety):
    Why do comic-book movies want to be serious literature? That’s the problem with this movie the same way it was with 2006’s "Superman Returns." Instead of being exciting pop-culture entertainment that forces the viewer to take it seriously, the movie takes itself too seriously – and misses the fun in the process. Well, almost – the late Heath Ledger seems to be having a great time as the tongue-flicking, homicidal Joker, played as a mad dog with a sense of humor. Whenever Ledger is on the screen, even when the script tries to slow him down, he barrels through with more gleeful evil than you can imagine.

    Otherwise, this long (2-1/2 hours!!), overplotted movie never misses a chance to hammer home what a tortured hero Batman is. Bale plays him as though his boxers are too tight. And there’s far too much of straight-arrow District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) and not nearly enough of his transformation into the crazed Two-Face (one of the movie’s best visual effects). Though some of the action sequences will drop your jaw, there’s too much gab between chases and too many generic battles to keep the movie from grinding along instead of flying. A tip for the future: The best tragic heroes don’t spend the movie talking about their own tragedy.
Ah, longing for the days of the Batman TV show of the 60's! How very!

Unfortunately, this kind of review is highly suspicious. It is just a case of a hack reviewer trying to get free website hits by disliking a movie that is getting incredible reviews and buzz. I can just see him sitting at his computer, wracking his brain, trying to come up with some reason to pan the film. His solution is to go with the "I miss the camp" tactic combined with "it's too long!!!" whine.

That is what I hope is happening. For, if this isn't an obvious attempt of self-web-promotion, then I seriously pity this donkey for being trapped in the present. Of course, I have to remind myself, as I have done before, that not everyone 'gets' the same things. Especially when their brains hurts from trying to think.

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