Bitter Defeat
Well, the season has come to an end. The Duke Blue Devils fell to the persistent Kansas Jayhawks last night, and I was none too pleased. I get a little fired up during the games, and I was in no mood to hear the whoops of Kansas fans at a local watering hole. Fortunate or not, a few of my friends bought some conciliatory shots when all was said and done.

Duke played a good game, and (in my completely unbiased opinion) outplayed Kansas in a tough and exciting matchup, but just couldn't overcome poor shooting. J.J. Redick was 2-for-16 shooting, which is unheard of; when he's alone at the top with 1:13 left and nearly misses the rim on an open three he normally nails, you know he's off. However, he's a freshman, and he'll be back next year. So will Duke in the tourney.

Arizona laid a lickin' on Notre Dame. The game started out in a scoring bonanza, but the Irish couldnt' keep up. Neither could CBS, who wisely switched back over to the riveting Wisconsin-Kentucky matchup once the Wildcats (Arizona, that is) started putting on a hurting. Speaking of hurting, I could use an alka-seltzer; I disgress. Anywho, Wisconsin held the vaunted Kentucky offense in check and stayed close the entire game, surprising even the most stalwart Wisconsin fans, who themselves merely hoped not to be blown out. They had a chance to win it in the last minute, which certainly shocked some obnoxious Kentucky fans in the bar.

I can only hope that tonight's games match the level of intensity. Great stuff!!!

Update: Two things. Unlike this highly fictionalized, yet stunningly penned account of 12:04 AM, I was in a Virginia bar, and my cries of pain were decidedly censorable.

Update #2: I have one word for Jaquandor's rather eccentric take on March Madness. That word is "poofter".

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