NCAA Live Updates - Round Two

Updated the link for second round coverage, above. I'm that kind of guy.

Update. The weekend's not over yet, but it's already been a helluva tournament. ESPN has nailed it on their Top Ten Moments So Far page's top two plays; Maryland's prayer shot with no time (an obvious aficionado of dry humor, coach Gary Williams commented that Nicholas had better clock management this time -- Nicholas had a near buzzer beater in the ACC tournament that left 1.3 seconds on the clock)and Wisconsin's corner three with 1 second to play.

Not that it's any of your business, but I have been out in a sports bar watching these games, because I find it excruciatingly torturous to wait for CBS to flip to the "most exciting game" at the time. Jaquandor noted below that ESPN has an agreement to take over for CBS if war coverage breaks in. Luckily, that hasn't happened much; from what I observed of ESPN's coverage on Friday, their "clock management" skills were even worse.

Duke and Kansas will play Thursday in the marquee matchup of the tournament so far. Both teams looked impressive in their wins Saturday. To quote my friend Paul, "let's rock!!"

Brief War Commentary -- How Dare They Interfere with March Madness

With a global version of March Madness, perhaps? I fully support our troops and our president. I am not an anti-war ignoramous. I have, unfortunately, gotten in a war debate with some fool every single night I've been out, and let me tell you that I have supreme patience for the "war is just bad, let's stop" mentality of anti-war goombahs who clearly don't get it, and probably never will. But it's wearing thin. I'll talk more about that later.

CNN has great updates here. Relativity scale: "great" = "reliable".

I'll comment about the war later, of which I am watching with a great amount of interest. Things appear to be going well, but you never know.

A quick story to let you know where my mentality (not to be confused with priorities) are. My boss walked in on Thursday at 1pm and said, simply, "So, it's finally started." I responded, enthusiastically, "Yes, I've beeen waiting and waiting but thank god it's finally started. I'm so excited, this is going to be great!" After a long pause accomanied by a confused stare, he replied, "Are you talking about basketball? I was talking about the war."


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