NCAA Tourney and BYU Screw Brackets

This morning I woke up fresh from a good night's sleep, knowing that my Duke boys are stuck in the West bracket along with powerhouses Kansas and Arizona. My friend Paul's team Wisconsin is in the Midwest, and has the potential to play Kentucky in the Sweet 16. Or, perhaps Texas in the South. Confused? What did I just say?

You heard it. The brilliant, yet quirky selection committee for the NCAA has inadvertently (hopefully) plunked the big Mormon Cougars in a bracket that would have them playing on Sunday. And God doesn't allow that. Anyone who has seen Chariots of Fire, the 1981 Best Picture winner and personal favorite, knows this. Unfortuately, in this case, BYU doesn't have a buddy who's already won a medal to step aside and let them run. No, their potential buddy will be either Wisconsin, Dayton, Tulsa, or Weber St.

If by some reason BYU happens to upset UConn and potentially Stanford and get to a point where they would play Texas, well apparently that's where the NCAA committee will apply brakes and do a Chinese fire drill to the brackets. Swapping teams in midstream is about the dumbest thing I can think of. What the hell is going to happen to anyone's picks? This has the potential to screw up all the pools in the country.

Therefore, I am hereby going to become the biggest fan of UConn this week. I suggest, for the sanity of all, you do the same.

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