Hulk SMASH!!!
My friend had speculated, in response to my below angst about next summer's (2004) movie lineup, that The Hulk would fill the dearth of blockbuster flicks. Alas, it's coming out in July 2003 (well, not alas -- the trailer makes my heart go pitter-pat!), which leaves more speculation as to what may be coming out in the time between the end of The Matrix and Lord of the Rings finales and Star Wars Episode III's debut in May 2005 (after which I will be quite satisfied to have left my mortal coil, but NOT BEFORE!).

Speculate no more: Spider-Man 2 (July 2004) and Harry Potter 3 (Prisoner of Azkaban) (June 2004) have nimbly stepped up to fill the void.

Oh and of course, lest we forget the Charlie's Angels 2 is coming out late June 2003. Woo. Hoo. I'm. Not. Serious. I. Could. Barely. Fast. Forward. Through. The. First. Movie.

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