Learn Something Every Day
I'm one of those people who uses phrases such as 'one of those people'. I'm also one of those people who like to learn something every day.

One of the best sites I've found to sate that urge is How Stuff Works. The site offers a huge range of topics, from how Patriot missiles work to how one might make time stand still to how to conquer the perils of quicksand.

Of course, I am not as interested in how the special effect of a lightsaber is produced in movies, as a site which provides an exhaustive analysis, history, and fighting techniques of and involving lightsabers. Obviously for true Star Wars fans only. Check out the wicked cool disclaimer:

    LIGHTSABRES are dangerous weapons. Be sure to keep away from children and animals. DO NOT operate lightsabres indoors. Discussions in this page are purely for intellectual interest. This page is NOT intended as a training manual nor as any form of exercise regeime. DO NOT engage in any of the techniques described here with a lightsabre, or any other implement such as a stick or similar. The author takes NO responsibility for injuries or damage resulting from ANY actions based upon the techniques discussed herein. If you are interested in learning the Japanese sword arts of KENDO or IAIDO, you should seek out a fully accredited and qualified instructor, or sensei, and apply to his/her dojo.

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