My Spider-Sense is tingling...
...for this weekend's movies. In case you don't have access to a television or computer and you aren't a fan of the genre, Spider-Man 2, purportedly quite superior to the competent original, is debuting tonight at midnight. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and that may be an understatement. Listen to the audio of Roger Ebert's review; he practically gushes over the movie, calling it "the best super-hero movie I have ever seen."

Needless to say there will be quite a few web-heads stalking the theaters this week. But how to tell the true believers from the spider monkeys? Perhaps one way is to take this quiz. See if you can indeed match my 100%. Admittedly, if you aren't at least passingly familiar with the comics, you will have little chance. All the better. Muhuahahha.

I'm actually contemplating seeing the flick at midnight tonight to avoid what is sure to be a Titanic (pun intended) crowd at the box office, but in case S-M 2 is sold out, there's always Before Sunset, also getting great reviews, the follow-up to a cult (and mine) favorite Before Sunrise. I think I'll have to see both right away.

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