As much an American pasttime as anything else, the tradition of consuming food and beverages in the parking lot outside a football stadium is one I try to partake in at least once a year. Granted, I have plenty of opportunity as I live in Washington, DC, but that's not where the 'best' tailgating is to be had.

Sports Illustrated has been running a poll to determine which stadium is your favorite tailgating spot in the U.S., and it has come down to two: Ralph Wilson Stadium (Buffalo Bills) vs. Happy Valley (Penn State). I'm one of the few (well, at least for those who read this blog) who can boast that they have been to both, the latter many times, and the former a few. Although the fans in Buffalo have a great tailgate, it doesn't compare to 100,000 strong (that's conservative, because I know a lot of people who go just to tailgate, and don't even have tickets) at University Park. To catch a glimpse of why I'm right, tune in to College GameDay Saturday.

And a vote for me is a vote for 'righteousness'.

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