We are... Penn State
I'm positively brimming with energy today, and very likely the rest of the week. If you have to ask why, I'll patiently inform you. In our first game against a ranked Big Ten opponent, we handed out an old-fashioned 80's-PSU-style thumping of Minnesota. I watched it in its entirety, surrounded by PSU friends from college, and we were just beside ourselves with giddyness. I mean it was the most unbelievable one-sided win I've seen in years. It exceeded every expectation, probably best displayed when the Gopher's "biggest hitter" tried to tackle our QB head on and was thoroughly concussed. That kind of exceeding.

I've been glowing ever since. Although today is going to be a monster day at work, I am just beside myself with glee. A columnist from the Front Row summed up my physical feelings perfectly:
    Everyone keeps saying "We're back." But what does that mean? What is back, and how do we know for sure that we are it?

    If you ask me, "Back" is having a goosebump-inducing team. It's physically feeling the anticipation for this Saturday's game against No. 6 Ohio State.

    It's dreaming of being in the Top 10, and the knowledge that it really, truly could happen within one week's time.
Recognizing that PSU might just be on the rise, ESPN chiefs decideded the game of the week: State College PA will be hosting the ESPN College GameDay crew for our prime-time nationally televised matchup. I am just chomping at the bit for Saturday night. JoePa rocks.

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