Watching the Saga in Order
Now that the Star Wars series is complete, it's possible to finally watch it in chronological order. I, of course, cannot go back in time and watch it anew, nor am I sure that I really want to. While watching them in order would certainly change many dramatic angles in the story, and add a lot of heft to a lot of original trilogy scenes, I also don't want to give up the feeling of 'holyshittery' when Vader revealed his heritage to Luke.

As much as it has become a part of popular culture to know who Luke's father is, it's sometimes difficult to fathom that NO ONE saw that one coming. Hell, in the interim between 'Empire' and 'ROTJ', there was a lot of debate regarding whether Vader was lying to Luke. (I remember being absolutely sure that it was true. Not because I was smart or perceptive, but because I thought, "Wow, wouldn't that be the coolest twist??")

In any event, should I somehow manage to have children someday (task 1) and then somehow manage to shield them (or it) from the media and friends so as to avoid spoilers (task 2), the question remains, do I start with the original trilogy or the prequel trilogy?

I haven't determined the answer just yet, but thinking it through is Tosy and Cosh, who has written a perspectus of what it would be like for a new viewer to watch the series in chronological order. Worth a read and the reactions are pretty funny.

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