Why not call him "Dork" to save time
I've seen a lot of couples in my lifetime struggle with the naming of a baby (not me, thanks), but even though I'm a fan of comics, I had a "No... It can't be... not--" moment when I read this:
    In New York City, Nicolas Cage's wife of 14 months gave birth on Monday to the couple's first child together. The couple named their baby boy Kal-El -- the birth name of Superman.

    No details were given as to why the couple was inspired to borrow from the Superman mythology in naming their child, though Cage is known for being an avid comic book fan.
Although I'm usually don't like to read the hater fanboy comments that follow the stories, I did scan one that was perfect.
    You know some geek kid is going to beat the crap out of him at school and say "Kneel before, Zod!"
Yes, kneel, and for all our sakes, vote. Heck, even Clinton had to do it.

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