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Just about every day I see something that irks me, and today, believe it or not, it is someone's criticism of Britney Spears' latest behavior. This girl, not yet a woman (although getting knocked up gets you some street credibility in that department), has certainly in recent times made her fair share of public blunders. However, the most recent gossip is that she's waffling on religion. Ye gods!
    Britney Spears is covering all her religious bases. The singer — who was raised a Baptist and has famously studied Kabbalah, a branch of Jewish mysticism — now is apparently dabbling in Hinduism. The “Oops, I Did It Again” crooner was spotted at a Hindu temple in Malibu, where she reportedly was getting a blessing for her baby son, Sean Preston.

    “Apparently, Ms. Spears can’t make up her mind which tune to dance to,” Rick Ross of Cultnews.com tells The Scoop. “I’m sure her mentor [and Kabbalah enthusiast] Madonna will not be amused.”
I'm sure that the last comment was meant to be as sound-bitish and bitchy as possible, but I disagree with what it is mocking. Apparently, you should have figured out just which one is the one 'true' religion by 24 years-old. I'm refreshed that Ms. Spears has shirked the Christian brainwashing of her youth, however. That's the most promising sign that eventually she's find a spirtuality that will be good for her. Should I really care, though? Probably not.

For bonus points, what is this an example of: Liberal Media or Conservative Media? At first glance, the mocking nature of the short gossip piece suggests a liberal sarcasm that poor Britney is confused by all the wonderful and magical choices of mythology and can't figure out which donation tray to throw her millions. However, this is actual the Conservative Media machine at work, demonstrating how a girl led astray by infidelity and greed has caused her to lose sight of God and in the process make her son a heathen. Amen.

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