Propaganda quote-of-the-day
I guess I could put it up there as quote of the year this early, being the prize-winner by far. In light of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's recent stroke, Pat Robertson has said that the stroke is God’s wrath for ‘dividing God’s land. Although this certainly could be interpreted as anti-semitic, in a broader sense, I'm just astounded that people still go around quoting the Bible as interpretation for tragic or coincidental events. Well, perhaps not astounded, as many Christians act in this fashion. Having been forcably brought up Catholic, and made to attend church every single week (sometimes twice) and Bible-study, you tend to encounter a lot of people who somehow accept everything they read in this well-crafted propaganda piece as fact, or, laughably, "the word of God". Mr. Robertson's remarks are pitiful and quite dangerous, considering the often unstable aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian area.

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