Well, its no killer Krusty doll, but...
Fans of the Simpsons should be familiar with the Treehouse of Horrors Episode where the Simpson family gets a Krusty The Clown doll that tries to kill Homer. Well, it looks like some 'special' editions of a new Elmo book might have that kind of bonus:
    A character in some copies of an Elmo potty training book has an unusual message that you may not want your toddler to hear. The Baby David character in "Potty Time With Elmo" says, "Uh oh, who wants to die?" when a read-along button is pushed, NBC News reported.

    He's supposed to say, "Uh oh, who has to go?" The publisher said the sound was recorded correctly, but some consumers hear a different phrase due to compression of the digital audio file.

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