But by no means have I lost Lost

I know of a couple people who have stopped watching Lost, and casual Internet browsing of fan reactions seems to confirm this on a wider scale, but I still have faith in the series, and will still continue to watch it, despite its somewhat lackluster beginning to Season 3. Why?

1. Great first two seasons. They were phenomenal television, and unlike anything I'd seen on regular TV before. I won't so easily dismiss a series that had repeatedly moved, shocked, thrilled me, and made me wonder.

2. Too many unanswered questions. I can't just walk away without knowing what it is all about, and I don't want to find out about it from some sarcastic fan boy's blog.

3. It still beats watching American Idol or some other reality crap-fest.

4. Still one of the coolest shows on TV.

Which brings me to the bandwagon that is Heroes. I admit I love the show, as much as I did when I first got into Lost, you know, back in its first season. Remember that far back? Heroes is the new kid on the block, and is riding that wave, but Stephen Lackey points out that we shouldn't anoint it as the new king just yet:
    Heroes has grown into a phenomenal series but it’s not innovating, or breaking new ground as a series like LOST did. Heroes is in fact riding on the coat tails of the success of 24 and LOST and the Spider-Man and X-Men films. Without those series and films, you’d have no Heroes. Hopefully Heroes will learn from the mistakes that LOST has made this season, but only time will tell. We should really revisit this discussion once Heroes has been on for 50 or 60 episodes and then we’ll know if it was able to maintain its current level of quality. If we’re going to be forced to constantly compare the series, then let’s really do it, because as great as Heroes is and as bad as the first 6 episodes of LOST was this season I believe that Heroes still has a lot to learn from LOST.
Hopefully, Lost can recover from the string of filler episodes that started off Season 3 and get back to what made it great. And if it takes looking at the younger show and remember its own lessons, then so be it and get 'er done.

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