Hot Fuzz

Simon Pegg's follow up to the fantastic Shaun of the Dead won't be From Dusk 'til Shaun, but an action flick about an elite cop (Pegg), who is so good that he makes everyone look bad on his force, so they ship him off to a tiny town where there is no crime, where of course he uncovers a vast conspiracy. And finally gets to shoot a gun while jumping.

The trailer for Hot Fuzz has whetted my appetite for this film's release, which, of course, compared to the recent batch of theatrical vomit isn't saying much. (Do you realize, according to Rotten Tomatoes that no film in 2007 has yet to receive a 'fresh' rating?) Sadly, it doesn't look like it's coming out until mid-April around here. Which is fine because it's nearly time for March Madness. I can wait.

There are several extremely positive early reviews around, too.

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