Giving back to get laid

Any fan of Lost has probably heard about actress Michelle Rodriguez' recent crosses with the law:
    “Man, I got so many hours of community service,” says the actress, whose alcohol-intake-monitoring bracelet turned heads at the Marc Jacobs show last week. Rodriguez pleaded no contest to a hit-and-run, DUI, and driving with a suspended license in 2004, and then violated probation with a DUI bust in Hawaii the next year.
Apparently, the community service took, because she's planning on doing it for free. Well, not for free.
    She’s currently the spokesperson for a nature-sanctuary foundation called Sanctuary. “Eventually,” she says, “you’re going to see me do some Jane Fonda–type shit. I’m keeping it hush right now. But it’s going to be fucking hot. I’m going to make giving back sexy and fuckable.”
Does she have some kind of skewed self-image? Doesn't seem like she'll have to do much more than toss a quarter in the leukemia jar to attain status of 'fuckable'. Okay, a dollar at least, any less than that and it's rejection alley.

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linguo said...

Jesus, slow down!

Anyhow, i don't get the whole michele rodriguez thing. She has about as much sex appeal as a lesbian bolder, which is slightly sexier than a heterosexual boulder.