Heroes: Bah

In my previous post, I mentioned in passing that I wasn't very please with the new season of Heroes. Let me elaborate on that a bit by talking some about the characters.

Mohinder: He's trying to take the 'company' down from the inside, but he's already demonstrated that he's a bumbling professor. Or was that all on purpose? Sure didn't look like it. One thing is for sure and that's I'm pretty sure the writers didn't intend the 'My Two Dads' angle to be so inadvertently funny

West: Speaking of inadvertently funny, the new (obviously boyfriend-to-be) cute guy talking to Claire needs to speak a lot less. And by that I mean he needs to develop the ability to be mute. Every time he opens his mouth he's either snarky, sarcastic, or annoying. And he peeps in windows. I don't care if they have a genetic tick in common, that Claire would then be kissing him ten minutes after his reveal makes me want to scream "Oh COME ON" at the pretty, pretty HDTV (but I won't do that because it is too pretty. Now that I think of it, is the HD exposing the writing flaws, too? Hmm.). To top it off, the end of the third episode implies that Claire is back to not trusting dad because of the new boytoy. Arrgh.

Claire: If this point she doesn't have an lifelong masochistic sexual fetish, I'd be shocked.

Hiro: Hiro has apparently mastered his powers, but not well enough to conquer the Quantum Leap-stolen new problem with his powers: he can't come back to the present until his has finished what he needs to do. Which is probably going to be making out with the cute Japanese chick. (Aside: Even though Kensei has healing powers -- wouldn't you still be worried about fighting 90 angry samurai who might, say chop off your head?) I'm really not sure, but I am sure that I'm already bored with this subplot, which isn't a good sign

Peter: Speaking of not a good sign, Superman is already adjusting to his life over in Ireland, and apparently liking his new powers. And liking to use them to inflict pain. Interesting, but the quick romance between him and the Irish lass was far too quickly brewed. Well, it's obvious he used his powers for that one. I mean, does he conveniently have to have his shirt off every time she appears? I get it you worked out, Milo.

Niki: No one still cares about you. Even if you are going to work for 'The Company' in a twist at the end. Very sad they let the hot girl get the worst material. Well, not worst, just neither good nor bad.

HRG: Still the best guy on the show, because he's got some great history and the menace to get things done. And now the Haitian is back with him so he's got 'all he needs'. Unfortunately for him, apparently Isaac's painting has pretold his forthcoming doom. Figures.

Sylar: His resurgence single-handedly saved my interest in the episode. Still a murdering psychopath, he unfortunately dispatched Candace before they could ever do some good work. It's only natural for the writers to bump off the morally questionable powered characters as quickly as possible. Oh well. I guess she deserved it for not seeing this coming. Unfortunately for Sy, he couldn't absorb her power, and he's stuck in the middle of some jungle. I'd call that lack of foresight. For a 'super-villain', he's not the sharpest tack in the box. Then again, up against some of the 'Heroes', he really doesn't need to be.

Spanish siblings: Okay, neat power that she takes life and he gives it back, but aside from that, Maya suffers from the constant-whine syndrome that has me tapping my foot waiting for something to happen to them. Three episodes now and I'm getting a little tired of their desperation-shtick. I am hoping they get mauled by a vicious fan boy in episode 4.

Bottom line: C- so far. I won't abandon the series just because the writers are trying to irk me. But this feels like watching your talented football team piss away a victory by turning the ball over 5 times in a game you should have won. Dammit, we're better than this.

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