Pushing Daisies does it again

I put off watching Wednesday's episode of Pushing Daisies for a day in order to enjoy a calm, peaceful night out of socializing. I didn't realize when I returned to my very pretty DVR that the second episode would match, even surpass the pilot. Right now this show is setting the bar so high that it is already not only my favorite show of the year, but one of the most unique shows to come on TV since... well Buffy. And that's setting the bar pretty damn high.In this episode we learn that Ted's 1-minute rule isn't restricted to adults, knitting can save you life, full-body plastic suits can be useful in many ways, and a CDC-type protective glove protruding through a glass shield can be very romantic. The latter of which again demonstrates the show's producers' knack for toying with censorship (if you didn't first think that was for "road jobs", then you should try watching the show through a naughtier eye).

All that aside, the scene-stealer of the show comes from waitress Olive (Kristen Chenowith), who does an impromptu musical number from Grease, "Hopelessly Devoted", that had me laughing out loud at how funny and clever it was. AND I HATE MUSICALS. Watch it again here -- thinking about the floor cleaner dancing in the background just makes me giggle every time.

I know that Barry Sonnenfeld has directed the first two, so I'm hoping there isn't a drop-off in the quality once someone else takes the helm.


linguo said...

Thank you. I felt very depraved when they showed that the glove was for innocent hand-holding. Not that i don't feel so depraved, it's just nice to have company.
This show is making me eschew (sic) my hatred of many conventions such as touching storylines and musical numbers (which i can't even stand in Family Guy).

We have Barry for one more episode and then the only further director info is for ep. 4 which is directed by Adam Kane. Oh, how do i put this to you delicately. Well, he's a cinematographer that has directed two episode of Heroes. Which is good. And... ahhhh... he was, well... all right, out with it! He was the Cinematographer for Boondock Saints. ha HA!! Sit on it!

Matthew said...

The cinematography was actually very good, the story was terrible. Let's not confuse being an imbecile with being an artist. Regardless of whether Mr. Kane was spawned from Satan's pee or God's stool, he has a hard act to follow thus far, and a growing fan base to appease. I wouldn't want to be him.