Buffy Spoiler
Well, I woke up this morning to my usual room-service full American breakfast (I'm staying in a hotel outside of NYC for work purposes -- THAT is all you need know) and USA Today, only to find the most subtle of spoilers in the "Life" section of the paper. In it, there was a minor blurb down the page which gave a clue to who certainly won't be slain by the conclusion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's last episode, airing next week.

For those of you who have read my critiques, you'd expect me to fly (or type) into some kind of rant regarding yet another 'spoiler', but this one had a mixed connotation, so I'm not really upset. Basically, this article notes that one of the main characters from Buffy will be joining the cast of Angel next season, which I'm very excited about. It's industry news, and the Angel series was kind of on the fence as to renewal status, so I can understand why they wouldn't wait to reveal the show's status. Plus, with Buffy gone, I will be refocusing my efforts toward the WB (again).

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