Master of the Obvious
Over the course of the last few months, I have encountered quite a few numbskulls who profess to have insight into certain movies which I hold dear. To their detriment, I'm afraid. Here are the prime examples:
    Person: (to me) Did you know that Neo is an anagram for "One"

Truly a stunning revelation. But, the chart topper was this cherry of a conversation with a guy I've known for quite some time, just this week, said in complete sincerity:
    HIM: You remember seeing Attack of the Clones?
    ME: Yes...
    HIM: You know that Senator guy? The old one?
    ME: You mean Palpatine?
    HIM: Yes! That's him. I'm telling you he's the evil one.
    ME: (pause) You mean the guy behind it all?
    HIM: Yes! Remember I told you this; he's the evil guy.
    ME: (pause, gurgle, pause, stare, pause, wonder if I left the iron on, pause, attempt heat vision, pause) Interesting.

For those of you who don't get the above blasphemous irony, for shame.

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