Geek Test
Thanks to Captain Nemo, I've found and taken the Geek Test. My score is thus:
    34.31953% - Total Geek

Beat that (I'm not sure what I am proud of there, but so what)! Of course, Nemo also posts some follow up geek questions that weren't included on the list, (my answers in bold):
    --Bought widescreen video releases on VHS. Yes
    --Lectured people on why you did so. Yes
    --Know why the "Letters of Transit" make no sense. Yes
    --You know what "Plugh" or "Xyzzy" mean. No
    --You have ever been "in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike". No
    --You can name 3 film composers. Yes
    --You know who "Enoch Root" is. No
    --You know who "Gully Foyle" is. No
    --You know who "Hari Seldon" is. Yes
    --You know the significance of the date May 25, 1977.Yes

I have my own questions to add to the geek test:

    -- You know what the only improvised line in The Empire Strikes Back is and who said it.
    -- You know what the original line was supposed to be.
    -- You know how many times Buffy has died in the series.
    -- You know the real name of the 'Six Million Dollar Man'
    -- You have calculated, with inflation, what that amount is today.
    -- You know what K.I.T.T. stands for.
    -- You have attempted to synchronize the CD soundtrack to the movie scene at home.
    -- You become aggrivated when someone misquotes from a movie you know by heart.
    -- You can name at least 5 characters from the Star Wars movies whose names aren't actually spoken in the movies.
    -- You can name at least 5 characters from the Star Wars books that don't appear in the movies.
    -- You know who "Q" is in at least two long-running series.
    -- You can hum the theme to "Superman" in a moment's notice
    -- You know what kind of a gun James Bond has to give up in Dr. No to get his Walther.
    -- You have uttered, at least once in your life, "I HAVE THE POWER!!!"
    -- You know who the original Green Lantern is.
    -- You have used the phrase 'cunning linguist' with a straight face.
    -- You have used physics skills in real life situations.

That's all for now.

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