Religion and Driver's Licenses
The first thing I saw on the internet this morning was this religion v. state story, and, as you might expect, my reaction was immediate.
    “I DON’T UNVEIL ... because it would be disobeying my Lord,” Freeman testified Tuesday at the start of her non-jury trial. Assistant Attorney General Jason Vail argued that having an easily identifiable photo on a driver’s license is a matter of public safety. “It’s the primary method of identification in Florida and the nation,” Vail said. “I don’t think there can be any doubt there is a public safety interest.” Freeman’s attorneys argue that state officials didn’t care that she wore a veil in her Florida driver’s license photo until after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, an allegation the state denies.

Well, the world has changed a lot since then. And, no one is forcing you to get a driver's license. I think this can be summed up with a scene from Caddyshack.
    Simone: I ain't payin' no 50 cents for no Coke!
    Danny: Ooooooh, then you ain't gettin' no Coke! Know what I'm sayin'?

Indeed, Danny, I do.

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