And Hell's Coming With Me...

Here's a few characters (and reasons) why I'm a big fan of Kurt Russell's work over the years.

Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China. Russell plays Burton, a trucker who becomes involved in a supernatural Chinatown battle (naturally), as the straight man, defiantly (and often unsuccessfully) wading into deadly situations in-over-his head. Favorite scene: Russell calmly informing his pals that they may be trapped (after opening the door to reveal dozens of warriors).

Stephen McCaffery from Backdraft. Tour de force performance as firefighter who has much more success battling fires than his brother or wife. Favorite scene: Russell gets drunk and punches out a guy who insults his brother.

Snake Plissken from Escape from New York. Russell created one of the best action heroes ever, quite possibly the meanest "good guy" ever. Favorite scene: Russell informed Lee Van Cleef that he's going to kill him when he returns.

Nick Frescia from Tequila Sunrise. Underrated flick, with Russell as a detective trying not to arrest his drug dealer buddy and or lose the girl to Mel Gibson. Favorite scene: Russell dumping a tray of coffee on J.T. Walsh after Walsh implied he should manufacture evidence to nail Gibson.

Wyatt Earp from Tombstone. Everyone knows the Val Kilmer steals this movie, but Russell is a perfect, sturdily forceful counterpart as Earp. Favorite scene: Russell slapping around Bill Bob Thorton in the Oriental.

Captain Ron from (duh) Captain Ron. Hilarious. Favorite scene: Russell telling Short how he knows they must nearly be there (they only have enough gas to get there).

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