I Don't Even Think That's A Crime Anymore...
Some of you may recall when I first inquired about cheap and otherwise unavailable DVDs that I saw online. My curiosity was peaked, though, and I decided it was worth the 30 bucks to see if I could get decent quality Matrix: Reloaded and X2: X-Men United DVDs long before their official release. Well, the jury is still waiting on the quality, but a few things have happened in the interim that makes the process rather suspect.

One of the first clues I received was an email from the distributors, CCNow, in response to my question regarding the ETA for the product. I was politely informed that it would take longer than expected, as demand was backordered and it was shipping from Malaysia. Naturally.

About a month passed before I noticed in their online tracking system (updated fairly quickly, though with vague locations as I found out why below) that my item was finally shipped. Hurrah! I didn't inquire as to the timetable, because I figured it would take a while to get the items here (assuming the cheapest transport -- boat) from SE Asia. Apparently, that isn't the half of it:
    Dear Valuable Customer,

    Your order have been reshipped today through Registered Airmail due to previously is have been confiscated by the custom. Hence, it will take some time for the delivery and sorry for any inconvenience caused. And this is the best way in order for you to receive your order safely. Hope you are fine with it.

Safely? Confiscated? I'm pretty sure I ordered "X2" and not the "X27M Mobile Infantry Smasher". And please put someone on the computer who can write (Jaquandor -- maybe your true calling lies in smuggling?). Although, I should say that for a pirate organization, their customer service is top notch.

So, what have I learned from this? That my orders are putting smugglers' lives in peril? That somewhere, some US Border Patrol is right now unlocking the secrets of the Matrix?? I'll wait until I receive the 'cargo' to determine the most appropriate moral stance (i.e., if the DVDs are good, buy more; if not, smuggling is bad). God wants me to do it that way.

PS. Another prize for anyone who gets the movie quote in the header.
PPS. Prizes may be intercepted by customs.

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