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During a browse of the internet (yes, I'm over working today, can you tell?), I happened upon a greatest hits CD for Matthew Sweet, one of my favorites from the nineties. Some of you might remember his early videos which were mostly Japanese anime. Pretty cool stuff.

Anyway, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to go ahead and uh disagree with the selection of songs attributed at the "best". Starting with the Girlfriend album, whose cover is on my top ten of all time, the "hits" album leaves out "Looking At the Sun", "Winona", "Evangeline" and "Thought I Knew You". Please at least take one of those. Where they go the notion that "You Don't Love Me" is better (in my humble opinion) that any of those songs is beyond me.

Moving on to another excellent album, Altered Beast, I lament at the omission of "Dinosaur Act" and "Do It Again", while kinda chagrined at the inclusion of "Ugly Truth" and "Someon To Pull The Trigger", neither of which are all that memorable.

Hmm. On 100% Fun they (the powers that be) seem to get it right. There are about two good songs on that CD, and the rest is just good. Sweet is definitely on a downswing here.

Okay, they also get it right on Blue Sky on Mars, since there isn't really much to get after the one hit on the album, "Where Do You Get Love". In fact, I got tired of Sweet after this mediocre effort and stopped buying his album.

So, I guess the point of this is get the first two albums and use WinMX for the rest. Or just buy the damn greatest hits CD. What do I care?

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