Keep it secret. Keep it safe
As many of you know (and for shame on those who don't), like its predecessor, Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers will be released in two DVD formats.

The first will be your regular-scale special edition, replete with documentaries, commentaries, and loads of extras. It will be released on August 26. I'll be buying this version, because I just don't feel like waiting for the SUPER MEGA MY EARS ARE BLEEDING WITH EXTRAS PLATINUM EDITION that will be coming out November 18th. The PLATINUM version, like the version for Fellowship will be a five-disc (as opposed to the paltry four the Fellowship package included) extravaganza of features, most importantly an extended version of the movie. And, like its predecessor, it will run about an extra 45 minutes longer with all the bonus footage woven seamlessly into the story.

The extra footage list is intriguing, with such nuggets as:
    The most surprising revelation in the longer Two Towers? That hale-and-hunksome Aragorn is 87 years old. Maybe it's something in that stew.

Of course fans of the books may know all this, but I sure didn't. By the way, this isn't a spoiler because it's not in the theatrical release so THERE.

In any event, I think it is time to call it a work-week and take off on my birthday weekend 'festival'.

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