Iverson: Finally saying what is on my mind
Maybe it's because he's had his own publicity-drenched brushes with the law, or maybe it's because he's tired of the media treatment (like many of us), but whatever the reason, The Answer has delivered a cogent commentary on all the hype over the Kobe situation:
    "'It's just something I don't like to discuss or want to discuss, because I've been through that in my own life,' Iverson said. 'You have people speculating on what they think happened, and everybody is talking about it. It's a big media circus, and it takes away from the realness of what went on. You turn it into a comedy show instead of something real. It's just unfair to speak on it and say what I think. I just wouldn't do it. I got respect for Kobe and I got respect for the alleged victim, and I won't do that.'
    'I feel, in a situation like this, people should be quiet until something happens,' Iverson continued. 'But everybody just keeps yapping and yapping and yapping and (nobody knows) what happened but the two people that were involved. I hope (Bryant doesn't) have planes flying over his house and people camping out in front of his house all day and taking pictures of his dog, his kids and all that. ... I just hope he's not going through those types of things, because it's not right. If he's innocent, that's terrible. If he's guilty, then, hey ... but if he's innocent, I feel so bad. Because that's going to scar him for the rest of his life.'"

Allen's got a good perspective on the whole affair. Most people have already formed their own opinions on the case based on rumours, leaking, partial information, and prejudices. Thankfully, nothing will happen in the case for a couple months so we won't be barraged by a ton of worthless opinions, comments and speculation. For a while, at least.

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