Yay death
I don't normally stray into topics of the political nature, mostly because I think that a lot of the blogs out there are regurgitated, uninformed crap, but I'll mention this because it's in one of my fields of considerable knowledge and interest. When I say that, I mean the continued dumb-fuck Palestinian suicide bombing raid on Israel, and now Israel's very appropriate response. Note that the immediate dumb-fuck response of the Palestinians is to horde around the carcasses and chant "God is great" (or, as we've come to be familiar with it in movies featureing dumb-fuck militants, Allahu Akbar). That's normally what I do when people get killed, especially those who are terrorists. I'm sorry that the powers-that-be confiscated your land to make up for hundreds of years of Europeans Jew-bashing, but that was 60 years ago. Get over it. Try to get along. God thinks you are dumb-fucks, and he's right. You bring it on yourselves. Find your militants and string them up by their balls. This kind of shit is great for me: I don't need caffeine in the morning when I read about the latest religious dumb-fuck maneuvers. Apologies to Rachel Lucas if I sound like her.

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