"You speak treason!""Fluently."
Had to but it on DVD. One of my favorite movies to this day. Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone's dramatic (and brilliantly scored by Erich Wolfgang Korngold, who won a richly-deserved Oscar for his efforts) swordfight is alone worth the price, but that's only the capper in this wonderful movie. Of course, my first introduction to the film was Robin's "Welcome to Sherwood" clip that was featured in a Bugs Bunny cartoon, a fond memory if there ever was one.

I'm not as big a fan of The Sea Hawk as Skeletor, preferring Captain Blood, the film that put Errol on the map.

I had to juxtapose my order with this classic just to confirm my eclectic tastes.

If it wasn't for the internet, I'd have a lot more money. Thank goodness for disposable income.

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