Reject! Reject! Reject!
As I noted yesterday, I'll be sorting through potential roommates this week. The ones lucky enough to get an invite to the house were screened via email for possible warning signs.

At work, the hiring and sorting process continues. Here's an exerpt from a recent cover letter:
    My most important principles are to maintain the highest standards of ethic and business conducts, and operated at all time within the laws of the United States and under all regulations and policies of the organization.

This wording used by this candidate (I'm sorry, former candidate), implies one, if not many problems. In no particular order, here are the ones which may apply:
  1. One would hope that you can maintain a civil code of conduct without having to overtly plead it in your cover letter.
  2. His principles have probably gotten him into trouble with his former employer, who saw his law-abiding zealotry as a narc, firebomber, self-appointed diversity expert, or a boorish boy scout.
  3. He is likely required by law to state this disclaimer because he's been accused otherwise.
  4. He is hiding a most treacherous past.
  5. In naming the U.S., one might argue that this is the ONLY country, therefore, whose laws he will respect (cancel that business meeting in Ontario).
  6. By saying "highest" standards, I infer that he believes his standards to be higher than my own (they most likely are). What a pretentious bastard. I will track him down and destroy him with extreme prejudice.

So, please be careful what kind of message you are sending. Thanks.

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