You played it for her, you can play it for me.
Despite the fact that I own both the VHS and DVD version of the film, I am compelled to buy the just-released Two-Disc Special Edition of Casablanca. Of the impressive list of features, the one that I am most interested in seeing is the commentary by Roger Ebert (his commentary on Dark City and Pulp Fiction were great).

As for my remaining copies, I'm not sure what yet to do. The list is growing of movies I own on both VHS and DVD, but it's hardly worth the price to sell them (the VHS tapes, of course) online. Maybe I'll make a nice fort. Or, I could give them away. Or have a contest. Or have a contest in which I promise to give them away, but instead have my goons show up at the 'winner's' front door to deliver a fish-slap. Hmm...

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