Lucas speaks... about more Star Wars movies
Via reader Simian Farmer, is a posting from website Super Shadow that contains quite a few arrestingly frank and revealing Q&A's between fans and George Lucas himself. No spoilers were really discussed, but there were some very interesting details I had not heard before.

For instance, under the category of 'as if I need another reason to go see Revenge of the Sith multiple times':
    Fan Question: If it's not about the money, why are the box-office earnings from Revenge of the Sith going to control whether there's going to be a Star Wars TV series?

    George Lucas: You’re mistaken. The box-office performance has nothing to do with the TV series. It’s Episode 7 that will be affected if Revenge of the Sith underperforms at the box office. This has nothing to do with profits. I’m using the box-office gross to determine if there is enough interest in making more films.
I had always been under the impression that Lucas has said repeatedly, time and again, that there will be no 7th movie, that the story is over, etc., etc. This makes sense, as the Star Wars saga is essentially the story of Anakin Skywalker, who dies at the end of Episode VI. Anything that would come after that would be in the Star Wars universe, but not with the same characters (unless they get a move on, Harrison won't be making a cameo). In any event, it looks as if Lucas is considering more, and that's what's important.

Under the category 'as if you need another reason to read Timothy Zahn's Star Wars novels':
    Fan Question: Is the Knights of The Old Republic video game the only EU material that you accept as official Star Wars history? I heard about what you accept in the Timothy Zahn novels and Shadows of the Empire are only sources of it. Is it true?...

    George Lucas: I accept Knights of the Old Republic, Tim’s novels and Shadows of the Empire as official Star Wars history. They’re just not my vision of Star Wars...
I've harped on Tim Zahn's Thrawn trilogy before (no, I'm not going to find a link to the blog) as required reading for any fan, but I'll have to check out Shadows myself.

Under the category 'you knew there was going to be a SPECIAL special edition':
    Fan Question: George, thank you so much for finally changing the Emperor in The Empire Strikes Back. I've greatly enjoyed each new edition of the classic trilogy - the Special Editions, then the DVD Editions. My question is: "Are there still plans to produce an Ultimate Edition set with new scenes like Palpatine dissolving the Senate and Bail Organa on Alderaan before it is destroyed, etc...?"

    George Lucas: It’s too early to speculate about what specific scenes I would like to add to the old films. It would be interesting to see Sidious in A New Hope along with Bail Organa.
I can see his point to make the films a cohesive saga, but another part of me is going 'Aieeeeeee!'

Under the category, 'not sure how I feel about that':
    Fan Question: One of the ideas for Episodes 7 - 9 is a black hole that destroys the dark side of the Force. Isn't that impossible as the Force is neither good or evil only how it is used?

    George Lucas: The reason the dark side is destroyed at the end of Episode 9 is so that I can bring a final end to the Star Wars saga. As long as the dark side exists, new evil Force user villains will crop up. The story would never end. There are essentially two sides to the Force. One light, one dark. It is essential that the light side of the Force be able to defeat the dark side.
Seems to pat for me. This seems disturbingly close to the concept of destroying evil once and for all. Without evil, what is good? It's a philosophy question, and I'm just not sure what kind of intrigue there would be to the force without some kind of restraint. That's just me.

Under the category, 'what? who? where?':
    Fan Question: Mr. Lucas, is the reason why you don't want SuperShadow to release the Episode 10 - 12 Plot Formulas is because you want the Sequel Trilogy to be under production before you release them to the public? Just like with waiting until the prequels came out to release the Sequel plot lines? If not, then why? Anyways, SuperShadow here tells me that even though the dark side has been destroyed for eternity, the plot lines of Episodes X - XII are simply amazing. Can you at least reveal who the main characters are and the villains and what gives the Republic and Jedi such a hard time? Thank you Mr. Lucas. May the Force be with you.

    George Lucas: I’m really hesitant to reveal any details about events after Episode 9. Ideally I would like for the films to end with Episode 9. Even though the dark side is destroyed, a new evil not based in the dark side emerges in Episode 10. I can’t get more specific than that right now.
This is the first I've heard about anything rumored past Episode IX (which until now I believed to be fictitious). Damn, if that ain't titilating.

And finally, under the category, 'how do you pronouce that?':
    Fan Question: Hi Mr Lucas greeting's from the U.K. From the beginning I have watched the Star Wars trilogy I always wanted to know the history of the Emperor. The prequels have done great with the rise of Palpatine in the senate, but what about his past? Can you comment on who was his Sith master? His discovery to the Sith? And how he got the kyber crystal? Thank you.

    George Lucas: The background of Sidious will be explored in the various novels and comic books that will be published after Revenge of the Sith comes out. I can say that Sidious was trained by Darth Plagueis. Sidious discusses the Sith a little bit in the movie. I’m not going to get more specific than that.
There's a lot more out there for those interested. For those disinterested, it's unlikely you are reading this sentence, anyway.

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