One More Game
In yet another case of averting my eyes, we come to the playoff championship games this week. Okay, you've got your Steelers-Patriots matchup which is billed as the Superbowl (or was that last week's Colts spanking that was the Superbowl? I forget my hype notes...), and in the other corner, you've got the Eagles-Falcons. My Eagles, in jeopardy, as I've said all year, of being the Junior Varsity Bills.

I'm going to be plain and say I really really don't want my team to lose four straight Championship games, just as I didn't want my then-team Bills to lose four straight Superbowls (to the Cowboys for two, when I had a roommate who was a Dallas fan, no less). It's tough enough living in DC, being surrounded by obnoxious Redskins fans who are forced to live in the past and whose only glee is reminding everyone that they were once great. Naturally, so such bores, their only joy in this millenium has been the eventual loss for the Eagles.

[For those of you confused as to how I could switch teams -- I have family in both areas, grew up NY and moved to Philly. It was a slow process over time, not a bandwagon kind of thing. Now, I root for Philly #1 and Bills #2, but if I were ever (ha) confronted with the scenario, I'd have to pull for the Bills in a Superbowl matchup. Sentimental value.]

So, I don't know what it is going to take this Sunday. I'm nervous, and the Falcons did a lot to make me more nervous last weekend, albeit against a weak Rams team, in a dome. At home. Yeah, I've heard it all before, so we'll just play the games. (At least, Steelers fans, we are favored at home.) The X-Factor will be Brian Westbrook, who has been the key to the offense (not T.O., although we could use a little more swagger). He's our Marshall Faulk (back when that meant something), and if we can get those screen passes going, we'll be okay. As for Vick, I'll just be sportsmanlike and say I hope he dies. And then we go after his family, his friends, people who owe them money... you get the idea Keyser.

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