The signal is sent
I looked up at the sky and saw that Cinescape noticed that the Fantastic Four trailer is now online. And now I have viewed it and it was good, so sayeth the Lord. Okay, what can you guarantee from a trailer these days -- not too much (I got really excited over the Daredevil trailer, mind you).

With all the comic movies coming out these days there isn't a year that goes by now that my geekdom (of which I "Lord" over) of my youth isn't justified on the big screen. For those of you whom are stunningly unfamiliar with the FF, theirs is a different story than most, for (ha) they are public heroes with no secret identity. The interaction between the 4, at least on the comic level, is akin to a normal family, with sibling rivalries (ironically, not between the brother and sister - Johnny and Sue Storm - but between Johnny and Ben Grimm, the best friend of the fourth member, Reed Richards), romances (Reed and Sue, the original married couple superheroes), and life-and-death battles.

For my two cents (adjusted European value - zero Euro), Reed Richards (an amazing talent, brilliant intellect, and subtly stealing the crown of ego-hound by calling himself "Mr. Fantastic", although perhaps Sue named him thanks to his elongation ability) was always my favorite because he wasn't the coolest or the most powerful, but he was the smartest. Geek. The Invisible Girl (Sue) was always a hot blonde in the comics (and no dummy either); they tapped Jessica Alba for the part so at least they got the hot part right. What will make this movie, as with Spider-Man or X-Men, is character, and to do that, they've got to nail the interaction between the Human Torch and The Thing (Grimm), which provided most of the fire (no pun intended) and laughs in the comics.

All in all, shaping up to be a good summer after the doldrums of winter. And the Lord rested.

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