A New Hope of deleted scenes

I suppose it was inevitable, but the deleted scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope have made it finally to the internet. They are a little grainy and the John Williams track has been laid behind it to give it a more produced feel.The scenes are familiar to those who purchase the Star Wars storybook way back when, as I recognize the still pictures of Biggs from these clips. Basically it is Luke hanging out with his best buddy Biggs and two others at the Toshi Station, discussing Biggs' plans for the future. Biggs elaborates on how he's joined the Academy but made some contacts with the Rebellion and isn't going to wait for the Empire to draft him.

This is a great piece of backstory that, until now, hasn't been made clear by the movies. Throughout the beginning of the original story, Luke complains that Biggs has already gone to the Academy and that Luke desperately wants to join. What is never made clear is the difference between the Academy, the Empire, and the Rebellion. So now we've cleared that little mystery up. Yay.

However, what's a little more weird to watch is the interaction between Luke and his friends. They clearly treat him as something of a little brat, and he allows himself to be pushed around. Not altogether shocking, but definitely more of a adolescent tone to the character. Again, this presents a more complete character transformation, but not really necessary, and not needed.

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