X3, the Super-Abridged Version

The new trend for blockbusters is to leak out an extended trailer weeks before the movie to whet the appetites of the fans and/or soothe the anxieties of the doubters. They did it to a select audience (which was then bootlegged, naturally) for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and now they are launching an official 7-minute 'sneak peak' for X3.

I am skeptical about watching these full clips. Trailers can give you glimpses into a film, let you know what it is about and give you some flash visuals without giving away the experience of seeing the movie for the first time. Watching full-length scenes is borderline when it comes to spoiling the movie. Of course, this doesn't mean I didn't watch it.

Here's the breakdown. You have a few short exposition scenes where they first announce there is a 'cure' and the reactions from both sides of the camp. For what it's worth, Magneto gets the more convincing, adult dialog compared to the X-Men's rather daytime soap reaction. Certainly, no worse than any Lucasian writing, but nothing you are going to be quoting at social gatherings. The end of the clip had some great glimpses of the effects and action sequences to come, and those last 30 seconds are money. I especially like the duel between Kitty Pryde and Juggernaut, and her 'one-upping' of him actually made me giggle, although not as much as a little girl.

Anyway, looks like Brett Ratner's not going to spoil my fun after all.

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linguo said...

I was originally disappointed, as we discussed, at the lack of an appearance by Gambit, but after reading an article in Ent. (I think), i am even moreso upset. Turns out that the actor who will be playing Warren Worthington III/Angel was extremely excited to be cast originally as Gambit. His part was later changed. Dman you Kinberg/Penn!