What I gave up in originality...

Avid impersonator Linguo sent me this cartoon today, which pretty much encapsulates most of my adult male friend relationships. (I show only one of the panels for fear of some kind of copyright infringement.) I can't name how many times I have sat around with cohorts and laughed myself to tears by quoting the Simpsons or Schwarzenegger or Caddyshack or... well the list is endless.

Of course, this has been long noticed to be a male stereotype. I must confess that I can't recall bonding like this with any women, but I certainly can remember the acrid sting of their pitying stares whilst my goofball allies and I quote Christopher Walken with a gleam in our eyes! "To them I say, 'No bike'". Now that's an obscure movie quote!

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linguo said...

"Hey, dey's trowin' robots at us" Oh, i guess we're not doing that anymore. [weep]