The buzz about the new show, "Heroes", has been strong, and the supernatural/superhero concept of the show combined with the mystery of "Lost" has made it one of the breakout shows of the fall. Unfortunately, trying to catch up on missed episodes usually means hoping for re-runs or waiting for the DVD's to come out. Only recently have you been able to download some shows from iTunes, albeit for a small fee.

NBC has this week taken a bold campaign to reel in viewers who may want to get caught up with the show, but don't want any of the above options. In an unprecedented move, you can now view online every Heroes episode from this season for free.

I've only seen a couple of episodes, but I love the darkness, and I love how you don't have to wait an entire season to get some answers to clues. The producers of the show have clearly seen what baiting an audience too long (i.e., "Lost") can do to your ratings.


maggiemay said...

It's freaking awesome and on par with your Second Impressions post I am very excited to re-watch several of the episodes online!

linuo said...

Looks like they 'sanitized' it just in time.