Journey: My eyes! My precious eyes!

And then you have the premier example of the worst video efforts of the 80's. That would be the shamingly (i.e., if you can remember when this came out and thought there wasn't anything wrong with it at the time) awful Journey's Separate Ways music video. Again, Bill Simmons captures it:
    A recipe for bliss: Take one of the cheesiest-yet-enjoyable bands of that era (Journey), bring them to an empty shipyard, have them play invisible instruments and lip-synch the hell out of their best song, throw in some ridiculous slow-motion closeups and multi-picture edits, and have a hot girl with a bad haircut walking around for no reason whatsoever. And if that's not enough, lead singer Steve Perry gives one of the greatest performances of the last 35 years -- he throws himself into this thing like DeNiro or Pacino. It's incredible. Everything about this slays me. If somebody gave me five minutes to sum up the '80s, I would just show them this video and be done with it.
I'm literally wiping away the tears after watching that clip. I'm also still waiting for that tracking dolly following the girl's heels to cause her to trip. You know there's a take somewhere of this happening. At least they saved some money making it.

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