Holiday Movie Plans

Surprise followed by a calm sense of knowing. That's what it felt like to learn (last week) that all the contractors (myself included) would be expected to take vacation from December 22nd to January 8th. It is so much expected that not only will we not be allowed to charge hours (and thus get paid for half a month), but that our security badges will be deactivated during this time.

The 'knowing' part of this is having a history of working for this company, and remembering that managerial decisions often carry with them the stench of ineptitude. Hardly a unique situation; isn't that how Dilbert remains so popular?

Unfortunately for most, the reality of having your monthly pay cut in half right when the holiday season's bills will be streaming in (and the upped heat bill) would certainly do much to spoil the holiday cheer. I sympathize with those folks. Luckily for me, I'm fortunate enough in the financial sphere to not have to worry about that.

What does worry me is what I'm going to do with all the extra time. Well, worry seems strong. I'm worried that there aren't enough holiday season movies being released that will claim my afternoon matinee bucks.

Now, of course, I am planning on seeing Casino Royale again. But, aside from my third viewing of Bond, I'll need a few more to fill the time.

The Good German. Noir homage that looks like the more intriguing of the "Good" movies. Still not a lock, but a contender. If desperate and already seen "The Fountain", this is the most likely.

The Good Shepherd. Stellar cast, Angelina Jolie, spy movie, but I'm just not overly excited about it. A solid "enh".

Borat. Possibly, although I don't enjoy seeing comedies in the theater -- with all the laughter, you tend to miss half the movie. Probably wait for the DVD or the bunny version.

Happy Feet. This is here as a joke. I do not own children. No chance. Ever.

The Fountain. Here's one film that I definitely want to see, but my fear is that it won't be around come Christmas. I will have to watch closely, in case I need to make a preemptive strike next week.

Dreamgirls. I don't like musicals, the Supremes, Eddie Murphy, Beyonce, or the trailer for this, which was forced upon me twice. Not in this lifetime.

Apolcalypto. Fair trailer, decent reviews, and a lot of Christ-like bloodletting. Plus, I'm immune to the Gibson-hater trend. Still, can't say that can muster a want for it.

Rocky Balboa. Sigh. The truth is, with all the weak competition, I just might do it. Hell, I need to complete the series! (Or IS it complete...?)

If I'm missing anything of quality, please let me know.

Update: Congential movie watcher MaggieMay (we all know your real name, but for the purposes of this paragraph, your secret is safe) comments that I forgot We Are Marshall. The likelihood that I will see this is remote, not because of anything against Matthew McConaughey, not because I can't recall the last sports-themed movie I've seen in the theater, but because the title blatantly steals from Penn State, and I just can't deal with it.

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maggiemay said...

You forgot "We Are Marshall".