Bad Month

One of the random things I believe in that I'm not sure anyone else does is the concept of having a bad month. In February, I went to the doctor twice, chipped a tooth, had an overall feeling of malaise and a sore throat for the last two weeks. And got in a fight with the girlfriend, luckily on February 29. We agreed that we'll do that again just like the day itself... only once every four years.

Like clockwork, on the morning of March 1st, my sore throat miraculously disappeared. I've had bad Octobers, Februarys, Januarys, Decembers (several -- see hyper-sensitivity to religious holidays) and Augusts, just off the top of my head. Never in March (the Madness makes everything better) or July (birthdays make everything better). April just is carefully neutral, for some reason.

Anyway, I thought I'd say that the dark days are over again... for now. Yay!

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