Bond, James Bond. You, too?

I had about six different reactions to the rumor posted on Cinematical that Sean Connery has been in negotiations to be a Bond VILLAIN:
    Ace goes on to say: "Allegedly, the 77-year-old Academy Award-winning actor has been involved in negotiations to land a villain role with the film's producers since Daniel Craig has been tapped to bring Ian Fleming's agent back to the big screen with Casino Royale."
Reaction #1: Way cool! This would be a neat way to have the two generations of Bong meet. There are endless wordplay options to work into the script. For instance, when Connery and Craig meet the first time, have Connery say, "Bond, James Bond, I presume?" One last time saying the classic trademark.
Reaction #2: But, as soon as I think how 'cool' that would be, suddenly it becomes a distraction. It would be almost impossible to see Connery as anything other than Bond in a Bond film. Any dialogue between the two characters would be dripping with metaphor about how each handles the role. This is Craig's franchise now, and as great as Connery was, having him, or Roger Moore, or Dalton or Brosnan on screen is one-step closer to self-parody. Don't produce the best Bond film in years (if not ever) and then follow it up with something closer to the Woody Allen Casino Royale.

Solution: Just get Craig and Connery in a room and do a dual interview and forget muddling an already promising reboot.


linguo said...

Why must everyone shun George Lazenby?

Matthew said...

It must be a subliminal disagreement with Jaquandor's top ten movies list that I just read.

linguo said...

nice new blog-skin, btw.