March Sanity

With Davidson falling to Kansas, we now have the first time ever that all four number 1 seeds have made it into the Final Four. Forgive me if I an less than enthralled.

After watching as much of the eight Sweet Sixteen and four Elite Eight games as is possible, I feel so far this has been the lousiest tournament to date. In my lifetime, that is. Considering I have watched each and every tournament since 1983 with the kind of ravenous intensity normally reserved for the truly insane, you know I don't pronounce this lightly. But here are the facts: of the above mentioned 12 games played in what is usually the best weekend of tournament basketball (the first two rounds don't get as many great matchups), only TWO were watchable. And what I mean by that is that as a hardcore NCAA basketball fan, of course I was watching the games, but it was painful. Blowouts galore. Boring.They did at least save the best for last, with Davidson coming up against overrated Kansas. I don't think the best team won that game, I think the DEEPEST team won. They rotated four guards against Curry and tired him out, if you can call "only" getting 25 points a victory. Kansas looked like a deer-in-headlights all game, and I think they were extremely fortunate to win.

So, that said, my prediction is that North Carolina kicks the holy crap out of them. I'm actually rooting for UNC (!) mostly because it irks me that such an undeserving team as Kansas should steal a game from Davidson. Or maybe I just can't stand Kansas. The point is, as long as you have anger, fear, and aggression, the games become that much more watchable. Embrace the dark side.

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maggiemay said...

The least we can do is go to http://www.ncaasports.com/pontiac and vote for my future son/lover (still undecided) for the "Pontiac Game Changing Performance."

I'd hate to see any of the Final Four douche bags get it.

I hate Kansas.