Alysson Hannigan nudity is fine

I am an avowed Buffy fan, and I share an enduring crush on her Willow character, despite her latent gayness. (Still the best foreshadowing line ever, when Willow meets her evil doppleganger and comments, "And... I think I'm a little gay.") Alysson herself is quite the cutie, and playing an intelligent, geeky, witty sidekick who happens to become an extremely powerful witch fits the profile for fanboy worship. Even if her character is gay, can't we at least hang out... and watch you make out with some chicks?

Okay, I segued there, but not as badly or as comically as the below faux-interview on the Onion, where a straight-laced FCC representative declares that some nudity on TV would be acceptable... just as long as it is from Alysson Hannigan.

FCC Okays Nudity On TV If It's Alyson Hannigan
Here's a notable excerpt:
    FCC: Well, what Miss Jackson did was a tacky publicity stunt, whereas I’m sure any person can see the inherent artistic value in Alysson Hannigan slowly peeling away layer after layer of clothing until her milky-white bosom is in full view… obscured only by a few wisps of her auburn hair.
    Interviewer: That would be acceptable?
    FCC: It would be beautiful.

Mmm... genius.

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